CSR Opportunities In Go For Life Games

Age & Opportunity believes that many corporate organisations are now much clearer about how to use their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes as a way of showing staff, customers, clients, suppliers and trading partners what they believe in. While some organisations use their CSR as a way of fundraising or for a feelgood ‘day out’ for staff, others consider what the organisation learns from CSR work and the quality of the learning experience that staff can get from being involved.

As part of the Go for Life Games each year, Age & Opportunity offers a chance for staff to learn to umpire at the Games. While the participants self-score (with a check by the opposing team), the umpires are there both to sort out disputes as well as to add to the general fun and good humour on the day.

Those organisations who have participated so far have had a great time, but they’ve also sharpened their people skills along the way. As the Games develops, we hope that we can offer this experience in the county heats too.

If your organisation would like to find out more about participating in the Go for Life Games, please contact us on 01 805 7733 to find out how we can work with you.